Femme Fatale


If a White Lady (that’s Cointreau, lemon juice and gin) were a person, she’d be a bit like Cinderella; elegant, understated and mysterious, the kind of lady who leaves you wanting more when she disappears at midnight.

If a Femme Fatale (that’s a twist on the White Lady, using Cointreau Noir instead of Cointreau) were a person, she’d be just like a White Lady. Except she’d kill you with her bare, manicured hands before she disappeared at midnight.



30ml gin

15ml Cointreau Noir

15ml lemon juice


Cocktail glass, or the most elegant glass you’ve got


Add all ingredients to a shaker that’s half-full of ice. Shake hard, then strain into the glass.


Easy to love, but be warned; it’s a killer in disguise.


The Femme Fatale was created by the 52 Cocktails team. It’s based on the version of a White Lady that appears in Margaret Fulton’s Book of Cocktails & Party Drinks (Octopus Books, 1984).

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