Review: Deus ex Machina, Canggu, Bali



Adding hot sauce to beer sounds kinda disgusting. It sounds like something a frat boy would do on a dare. And maybe that’s how the Dirty Deus, served at the hyper cool Deus ex Machina in Canggu, Bali, was invented. Deus is a temple to custom-made motorbikes and surfboards, which are displayed – along with more affordable items such as clothing and surfwear – in a traditional-style building overlooking a rice paddy. A breezy restaurant is attached to the showroom, but if you’re just there for the food and drink the staff won’t make you exit through the gift shop – it’s not that kind of place. It’s laid back but really with it and together; it’s mega cool without looking like it’s trying to be. It’s the kind of place where surfers could happily suck back half the drinks menu in an afternoon and not care that they’ve missed all the waves. It’s our kind of place, and the Dirty Deus – spicy, refreshing and very, very moreish – is our kind of drink. Admittedly we don’t know the story behind it but that’s because we were too relaxed to bother asking. But we do know it’s damn good – and really easy to make. Add a glug of housemade sambal (hot sauce) to a salt-rimmed glass that’s full of ice. Pour some Bintang beer over the top and serve, with the remaining beer alongside so the lucky drinker can top up their drink as required. It’s hot and cool at the same time – just like Deus ex Machina itself.

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