Modern mango daiquiri


Just as it’s hard to get children to eat vegetables unless you hide them in chocolate cake (the vegetables, not the children – though in some cases that would improve the children), sometimes it’s hard to get adults to eat their required intake of fruit and veges every day. Make it easy on that recalcitrant adult in your life (come on, we all know one) with this delicious fruit-filled cocktail.


A hint of passionfruit adds an intriguing note to this cocktail, but what makes it truly modern is the garnish of Thai basil leaves. Instruct your imbibers to nibble a leaf before taking a sip – the combination of aniseedy Thai basil and fresh tropical mango works surprisingly well.


1 ripe mango, peel and stone removed, flesh roughly diced

30ml Havana Club anejo rum

15ml passionfruit syrup (we used the 1883 brand)

15ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

1/2 cup ice

Sprig of Thai basil, to garnish


Cocktail glass, preferably chilled


Place all ingredients in blender and whizz until the ice is crushed. Pour into cocktail glass, garnish with Thai basil and serve.


Loads easier than getting kids to eat their vegetables.


This one’s by us. We’re clever like that.

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