The Littlest AD


Years ago, the 52 Cocktails crew went drinking every week at a student pub with a great pal called AD. It was the kind of pub where the bartenders would have a drink with you, the whole place was covered in kitsch Aussie memorabilia and if you ordered the same drink often enough it’d get named after you. That’s what happened to AD, who once asked for a Tequila Sunrise, but made with vodka and served in a pint glass. While this may sound as twisted as some coffee orders these days (‘I’ll have a decaf latte with biodynamic almond mylk sprinkled with sugar-free soy carob, thanks’), the bartenders took it in their stride and served the huge, colourful drink without even rolling their eyes. AD took a liking to it and ordered it again, and from that point on it was known as the ‘Little AD’. Similar stories abound about how cocktails get their names, but unless the drink spreads to other drinking establishments it dies out and the name dies out along with it. And since that much-loved student pub is now a gastro-pub, with none of the kitsch decor remaining (and possibly the staff have moved on, too), it seems the Little AD is no more.

At least, that was until recently, when the 52 Cocktails crew had a measly one shot of tequila left in the bottle and a few bits of half-squeezed citrus lying around, and a challenge was thrown down to use everything up in the one drink.

The result was reminiscent of the Little AD, in that it was a successful experiment that used some key ‘sunrise’-style ingredients (namely OJ and grenadine), and so it was named the Littlest AD in honour of AD and his original cocktail. It’s sweet and tastes a bit like a Mai Tai, but with a mineral element coming to the front of the palate courtesy of the tequila.


45ml blanco tequila (we used Espolon Tequila Blanco)

Juice of half an orange (roughly 90ml)

15ml sugar syrup

5ml orgeat

1/2 teaspoon grenadine




Half-fill a rocks glass with ice, add all ingredients and stir.


It’s easier to make this than it is to order it at a bar. So go on, make one!


Proudly created by 52 Cocktails

PS Oh, and that bar we mentioned? It’s the Lincoln in Carlton, Melbourne. It’s still around, and it turns out the kitsch decor was hiding a gorgeous art deco interior – go have a look, have a drink (there’s a short but decent cocktail list, along with a great range of wine and beer) and definitely have something to eat – the food’s great. Just don’t ask for a Little AD or you might be disappointed!

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One thought on “The Littlest AD

  1. Love this – must aim to get a cocktail named after myself at some point.


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