Coriander Mojito


When I was in high school I was told algebra would come in handy some day. The time has come to find out. Here is a formula that requires testing:

If mojito = a refreshing combination of mint, lime and rum

And coriander = a flavour I associate with Thai food, which I love

Then a coriander mojito should = something delicious, with a savoury, herbaceous note that would match well with three-flavour fish and, of course, another cocktail.

If you want to try out this formula, here’s the recipe.


1 handful coriander leaves and stalks, washed to remove any grit

1 lime, quartered

1 teaspoon sugar

15ml sugar syrup

60ml white rum

soda water, to top up




Muddle the coriander, lime, sugar and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. It will look suspiciously healthy, but do not fret.


Add a handful of ice and the rum. Shake it x 3 to the power of 20. I don’t know how much that is because I dropped out of maths once I’d calculated that algebra was basically useless, but you get the idea. Strain into a tumbler that’s half-full of ice and top with soda. (You can double-strain if you want to be rid of any weeny bits of green herbs.)


Hmm, degrees. Something about Pythagoras and triangles and protractors and… Oh go on, you can do the maths, surely. It’s easy.


This one’s from one of my favourite cocktail books, Shaken – 250 Very Sexy Cocktails (Murdoch Books, first printed 2004).



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