Hot Toddy


Regardless of how well you look after yourself – exercising daily (by shaking cocktails until 1am), ensuring your diet is balanced (by following gin flights with whisky flights) and taking time out to be with your loved ones (as long as they’re at a good bar) – you’re bound to get ill sometime. When that happens, you might feel the strange urge to stop drinking. Don’t worry – that’s just the fever talking. What you need is a hot toddy.


15-30ml rum or whisky, to taste (I used Sailor Jerry because the lass on the label is clearly the picture of health and something to aspire to)

15-30ml lemon juice, to taste (I used equal parts lemon juice and rum)

1 teaspoon honey

boiling water

lemon slice, to garnish


A mug or heatproof glass


Add the rum, lemon juice and honey to your vessel of choice. Top with boiling water and stir to dissolve the honey. Add the lemon slice, then stagger around the house feeling sorry for yourself and pretending you’re a pirate because hey, you’re delusional with fever and being a pirate sounds like fun.


The lemon and honey drinks you had as a kid, only better, because rum.


Seemingly everyone has a recipe for a hot toddy, with some calling for a cinnamon stick garnish, others swearing you have to use whisky, not rum, and still others saying you can use whatever spirit you have on hand. We’re not sure a vodka hot toddy would be any good but hey, whatever gets you through the night, sicko.


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