Australia’s best micro-distilleries

In a break from our usual programming, this week 52 Cocktails brings you a guide to Australia’s best micro-distilleries. After all, you can’t make a great cocktail without great ingredients! In case you were wondering, yes, the article was written by yours truly and published by Lonely Planet, the world’s best independent travel-guide publisher. Lonely Planet also publishes books on food and drinks, including this beauty, World’s Best Drinks, which you can buy here.

Check out the sections on Mint Juleps and Sazeracs – they are particularly well-researched. (Translation: I tried out several variations of each recipe on some willing victims, er, friends. All in the name of research, I swear. The upshot is that they are my favourite versions of those particular drinks, and my friends now have severe hangovers.)

Thanks to everyone who helped me research these articles, supplied stunning photos or simply taste-tested their way to oblivion, and a massive thanks to Lonely Planet for publishing my work. And if you’re reading this, thank YOU for doing so.

(And yes, I am doing my very best to not to write ’52 COCKTAILS GOT PUBLISHED BY LONELY PLANET!! SQUEEEE!’ But it’s not easy. SQUEEE!)



2 thoughts on “Australia’s best micro-distilleries

  1. Robyn says:

    SQUEEEEEE! How exciting! So proud of you.
    Can’t wait to see it in the flesh. Xxx


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