Bloody Caesar


The Bloody Mary is the undisputed queen of brunch drinks – but I prefer a Bloody Caesar. Hailing from Canada, it is basically a Bloody Mary with the addition of clam juice, which sounds completely disgusting but is actually really good. And you don’t need to juice any clams, either – just use Clamato , which is a mixture of tomato juice and clam juice, among other ingredients (if you’re in Melbourne, you can buy it here). Hail Caesar!


celery salt

J & D’s Bacon Salt (which is, weirdly enough, vegetarian)

30-50ml vodka (use less if you want this to be a hangover cure, and more if you want it to be a hangover cause)

5ml Worcestershire sauce

dash of Tabasco or Chipotle Tabasco sauce (or ghost chilli sauce if you REALLY like things hot)

Clamato (get the picante version if you like things hot)

lime wedge

Vietnamese mint or Chinese celery or just a good old celery stick, to garnish


I like my Caesars short, so I use a tumbler, but traditionally the drink calls for a tall glass (a pint glass is fine, or use a Collins or highball).


Mix the two salts together on a plate. Rim the glass by wiping a wedge of lime or lemon around the rim, then dipping it in the salt mix.

Half-fill the glass with ice.

Add vodka and all the sauces. Squeeze the juice from the lime wedge and drop it into the glass. Top up with Clamato. Stir well and serve.


This particular version was created by 52 Cocktails’ CTO (Chief Tasting Officer), who swears the secret to it is not the Clamato but the blend of salts. Mmm, vegetarian bacon…

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