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Tequila. Champagne. Good times.


Every year my pals host an Oscars viewing party with cocktails themed around the top ten nominated films. This year, their take on the film Hell or High Water was a minerally, bubbly, earthy glass of deliciousness they called Tequila or High Water. I loved it, and immediately demanded the recipe. As it turns out, it’s a variation on a French 75 that’s sometimes called a Tequila 75. Like a French 75, it should be made with Champagne but can be made with good old sparkling white wine if you have Champagne tastes on a sparkling budget. We went with the latter, but if you’re on the red carpet and someone else is paying for your drinks then hell, go with the high(cost) ‘water’, baby.


30ml tequila

15ml lime juice

15ml sugar syrup

Champagne or sparkling white wine, to top up


Champagne flute


Chill the Champagne flute. Add tequila, lime juice and sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker that’s half full of ice. Shake it like you mean it, then strain into the chilled flute and top with whichever bubbly you can afford.


There are recipes all over the internet for this cocktail – I googled ‘tequila Champagne cocktail’ and found this one here.

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