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Jam Sour



If the classic smoky, tangy whiskey sour is your favourite winter tipple, then the jam sour – essentially a whisky sour with (you guessed it!) jam and soda – is all set to become your favourite summer drink. Sure, jam in a cocktail sounds a bit weird, but the breakfast martini contains marmalade, and it’s a classic, so why the hell not use jam in a whisky-based drink? The jam gives it a sweet roundedness that highlights the whiskey’s smokiness, and the soda lightens up the whole shebang and gives it a refreshing vibe, lifting it out of the moodily lit lounge room and into the sunshine. So what are you waiting for – go jam one in your cakehole!


2tsp apricot jam

20ml fresh lemon juice

5ml sugar syrup

50ml whiskey (I used Johnnie Walker)

1 dash orange bitters

soda water, to top up

lime slice, to garnish


Old-fashioned or other short tumbler


Add the jam, lemon juice and sugar syrup to a shaker and shake really hard. Add whiskey and orange bitters, plus enough ice cubes to half-fill the shaker, and shake even harder. Fine-strain into a glass that’s about a third full of ice. Top with soda, garnish and serve.


Adapted from Dan Murphy’s Cocktail Discovery Guide (edition 2), which suggests you use a Collins glass and a grapefruit garnish, and whichever jam you fancy (but not an actual jam fancy, since that is a biscuit, and while adding jam to a cocktail sounds weird enough, adding a biscuit would probably just be gross).


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Doctored Pimm’s


A few weeks ago I foolishly attempted to provoke the weather gods into providing Melbourne with a sunny day by offering them a Sergeant Sunplash. It seems they listened, because today they turned their full vengeance upon me with a horrific heatwave, and I am now trying to placate them with a different offering: a Doctored Pimm’s.

Pimm’s, as you probably know, is a gin-based liqueur. Versions based on other spirits are sometimes also available, but most people are familiar with ‘Pimm’s No.1 Cup,’ the gin-based one that gets abbreviated simply to Pimm’s. It’s terribly British and traditional, dahling, and in my terribly traditional extended family it’s made with equal parts Pimm’s, lemonade and ginger beer, garnished with mint, a strip of cucumber peel and an orange slice, and drunk only on Boxing Day. And you do NOT fuck with this tradition. I once tried cutting the oranges into segments instead of slices. What was I thinking?! (Given it was Boxing Day, I was probably thinking, ‘My God I need a drink.’) That was more than a decade ago and I am still hearing about it.

So I am going to blame the heat for this deviation from the norm (and hope the family don’t read this): the Doctored Pimm’s has bourbon in it, and mandarin vodka, and really not very much actual Pimm’s in it at all. It’s about as far as you can get from a proper Pimm’s and still have Pimm’s in the title, really. It’s light and refreshing and tastes a bit like a cross between Fanta and a mint julep, which sounds disgusting but tastes quite nice. It’s the kind of thing you drink when it’s stinking hot and you don’t have enough bourbon to make a decent julep, or the ingredients to make a decent Pimm’s, or the energy to trundle down to the shops to buy either of those things. It’s a good way to use up the dregs of several bottles that somehow always seem to be taking up space on your bottle shelf. Look, it’s cold and wet and vaguely alcoholic, and right now¬†that’s good enough for me!


30ml bourbon

15ml Pimms

15ml Absolut Mandarin

15ml sugar syrup

10ml lemon juice

good dash of Angostura Bitters

soda water, to top up

orange slice, to garnish

mint sprig, to garnish




Half-fill the glass with ice. Add all the ingredients except the garnishes and stir. Garnish, hope your family isn’t watching, and drink to your non-traditional heart’s content.


This one was created out of sheer desperation by the 52 Cocktails crew.


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